The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment, I have recently seen. But today I can see that it is not true for me.

The purpose of life- this minute-is to see a meaning in every moment. I do not necessarly need to enjoy it. What I need is to receive it as it is. Even if it is not the most comfortable to feel it.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes and I feel often ashamed because of it. Maybe you see it too. Maybe you see it better than I do.

Maybe you judge. But do I judge me?Do I judge you?

That is a question to myself.

I am not perfect. Are you?

Who am I to be perfect?I guess only The Higher Self is. IDEAL.

I am just a tiny part of the Universe. Tiny but necessary. And maybe I am perfect in being imperfect. The Higher Self cannot be mistaken.

Perfect in being imperfect. Yin-Yang. Balance. That is what is perfect.

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