Fairytale for all children – children of their Parents (to Lucas and Alex)

The heart of a parent is really vast, it has got lots of love in it. It is so big that it can hold a space for many people in it. It is as if you had a cup of love for each person you care for, but each cup is different. A cup is filled with love even though it seems to be empty. You cannot see love, because it is invisible but you can feel that it is always there. It is like you had the whole ocean in each cup – it never starts and it never ends as the ocean can never dry out. From such a cup you can always drink the love you need whenever you are thirsty and the cup stays always full – such a magic cup it is. So what I would like to tell you is that you have your own special cup of love – one from your Mum and one from your Dad and it is always there for you even if your Parent is not always around. You can always look at this cup in your mind’s eye and it will remind you that your Mum and Dad love you with their whole hearts. What you should know is that they have got one cup of love for you and different cups for others. Your cup is only yours and nobody is ever able to take it from you – it is simply impossible. So remember that you have your own cup filled with ocean of love that never ends and since nobody can never take it from you, it is safe for you to share your things and toys with others. You can share because there is something precious that is only yours, that you never need to share and that you never need to give out to others – it is their love for you. So remember about your cup, because it is the most important treasure you have got from your Parents – a beautiful gift that is there for you – always.

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